Not Your Typical Personality Types


ISFP - The Crackpot

ISFJ - The Martyr

ISTP - The Psycho Vigilante

ISTJ - The Thought Police

ENFP - The Scientologist

ENFJ - The Cult Leader

ENTP - The Mad Scientist

ENTJ - The Evil Overlord

ESFP - The National Enquirer Headline

ESFJ - The Control Freak

ESTP - The Conman

ESTJ - The Bureaucrat

INFP - The Idealist

INFJ - The Conspiracy Theorist

INTP - The Egghead

INTJ - The Outside Contractor


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« here is the other article about sergio translated by the same unamadridista. there's like more stuff from his book on here and on her other blog so look out for them. also i think she translated the iker book too but i'm not sure. conlaroja(.)wordpress(.)com/2013/01/04/la-roja-teammates-on-sergio-ramos-i/ » — Anonymous

okay i will!! is there a section or w/e for things players in rm said about him? also have you read either book btw?



contrary to popular belief, youre not actually a better fan of something if you blatantly refuse to give any form of critical thought towards it

#lmao so much talk about this lately#if you love something or something there are times where you need to look at it from an objective point of view to truly understand it#simply ignoring it's flaws isnt going to change the fact that they exist#this applies to anything. sometimes people think stating obvious (critical) facts about something makes them a bad fan?#or it means that they hate it?#im sry ive seen this SO much in the film fandom and in the football fandom too#this mentality that you cant criticise your favourite club or your favourite director or w.e it is#sometimes we actually know better#ok im done

Best of the UCL final / La Decima

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Ramos shopping at Victoria Secret

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#iker casillas#real madrid#this is so ugly lmao idk what this is#i was making icons and then. well. yeah.#his facial expression in the first one is everything tho#**#p*
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Iker Casillas & Sergio Ramos in the locker room after winning La Decima | 24-05-14

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Iker Casillas with a young fan in Pamplona | 13-12-13 
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#2nd one is my phone background :'))#sergio ramos#cristiano ronaldo